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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Celestial date

I have never seen as beautiful woman as her.” said the sevak with his folded hands.
There was a glint of happiness in the eyes of Raja Roop as he moved his fingers across his long flowing beard. The King had heard of the beauty of Nagarvadhu of Vidisha for a very long time. He was too eager to meet her. He had spent days sitting quietly on his jewel studded throne and imagining the beauty of Nagarvadhu.

Had the Nagarvadhu been his subject, he could have had access to her as and when he wished. But she stayed in a different state. That too in an enemy state. The King thought of visiting her in disguise. He had sent his sevak to do the reccee.

Accordingly the sevak was back with all the information which the King had sought.
Your Majesty, they say that Nagarvadhu of Vidisha Kundandevi is replica of the Apsaras of the heaven. Rather she is more beautiful than the Apsaras. Legend has it that even the Gods from the heaven step upon the earth and disguise themselves only to spend some quality time with her.”
Your Majesty she has glow of thousands of moons and her voice puts the strings of Sarangi to shame. Her eyes are deeper than the oceans and her gait is princely and seductive. She holds a very strong political position as well. She chooses her clients.”

The more Raja Roop heard about her the more he was intrigued. He had achieved all the objects which he had thought off. He could not sleep until he had the darshan of the divine beauty by name Kundan.

Finally on one full moon day the King disguised himself as a cloth merchant and swayed towards Vidisha on his horse along with his coterie members of which too were disguising themselves as merchants.

The Kings heart was throbbing in anticipation of a meeting with the celestial beauty. The King had an eye for beauty and he liked to lay his hands of all that was beautiful. As he rode on the horse, his beard swayed with every wave. The King stopped at the outskirts of the Vidisha. He watched his countenance in the golden mirror. The beam of moonlight which fell on his face, made him look even more handsome. He had inherited the skin tone of his mother and the masculine features of his father. No wonders he was one of the most handsome men living on the planet. He was sure no woman would say him no. He adjusted his clothes and ornaments and applied a dab of saffron powder across his face. His sevaks smeared his clothes with the most expensive scents.

The palace of the Nagarvadhu was illuminated. It was no less than any Kings palace. At the gates the guards frisked them before allowing them entry inside. The palace bathed in golden light of the torches adding mystery to the setting.

Nagarvadhu's secretary welcomed the King and she asked for the purpose of his visit. The King introduced himself as a cloth merchant and placed the sack of goldcoins in front of the secretary.

I am sorry Sir. The nagarvadhu can not escort you.”
Why? If these are less I can bring more money.” Said the King who was obviously hurt.
Sorry Sir. Money is not the case. Devi Kundan detests bearded men. She only entertains the guests who are clean shaven. You are most welcome clean shaved.” Said the secretary with folded hands.
Thus the King lost an opportunity to date the most beautiful women because of the facial fuzz that he sported. 

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