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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Yama goes out of work

“Narayan, Narayan” said Naradmuni as he entered the palace of lord of the death Yama. Naradmuni the first journalist known to humankind has unobstructed access across all the planes. Seeing his arrival Yama who was relaxing on his couch got up.

“Pranam Muniwar.” Yama greeted the great sage.
“Narayan, Narayan. Looks like people on the earth are having long life as you are relaxing in your abode.” Said Naradmuni with a smirk.

“No that is not the case Munivar. The mortality rate has increased.”
“Who will take away their lives when you are having a good time in your palace Yama?” Naradmuni posed the question.
“Munivar it is road accidents. One person dies every minute due to road accident.” Informed the God of death to the great sage.

“How can a person die without your intervention Yama?”
“That is true munivar. These people are dying much before their due time. They are dying without any intervention on my part. Believe me munivar. It is their carelessness and mistakes which is claiming their lives and resulting in untimely death.” Yama said with his hands folded.

“Narayan Narayan. What are those mistakes?” The sage had another question.
“Munivar you move across all the planes. You are embarrassing me with such questions. But then too as the topic is of great importance. Let me enumerate the mistakes which lead to death. The first is people don't wear helmet and seat belts. I am the God of death. But still I wear my headgear when I am driving my vehicle.” Yama said as he pointed to the massive black beast reclining in the courtyard of the palace.

“Yes Yama I am all ears.” Said Naradmuni.
“ Secondly people don't respect speed limit. Driving over a given speed limit is not only illegal, but also dangerous. Driving at 60kmph on a road where the limit is 50kmph might save you 20 minutes, but it also increases the chances of an accident.”
“Very true Yama. You are so knowledgeable . No wonders you are the god of the death. Narayan Narayan.” Said the sage.

“Thirdly munivar several accidents take place because a driver does not pay attention to what is happening on the road. Any vehicle, of any size, can be the cause of an accident. Also remember that it is foolish to rely on your fellow drivers to follow the rules and keep you safe. One must stay alert and ensure that there is plenty of room to move the vehicle out of a potentially dangerous situation. Also talking over the phone and listening to loud music diverts the attention of the driver from the road.”

“Munivar drunken driving is the cause of majority of deaths in India. Even when I have some somras, I don't drive my vehicle. I ask any of my attendants to drive that day.”
“Yama, if people on the earth became wise like you, I am sure that they will not die an untimely death.”

Yama was now determined that he will try to touch as many points as he could. That was because he was sure that Naradmuni who was an excellent broadcaster who carry his message across all the planes. Though Yama was god of death, he could not take away a life before its predetermined time. That was against the law of nature.

“Moreover munivar, people should be more careful of the blind spots. Driving a four wheeler is all about judgment. Most of the times, you don't see the road or the spaces. So be a bit careful at such blind spots. Use the mirror and take help of some who is accompanying you. Also be careful when the weather is bad.”

“Yama I wish you should share this knowledge with everyone. That is the need of the hour” Said Naradmuni.
“Munivar, I wish I could. But my dutylist doesn't permit me to do so. May I request you to convey this message to all the souls and also ask them to be careful while driving.”

“Narayan, Narayan. You know I am Naradmuni. Even if you would not have told me I would have conveyed your message to everyone. That is my habit. I am happy that this habit of mine is doing some good work. Narayan Narayan.”

“By the way Yama, even the Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., conducts the Nissan Safety Driving Forum in India as part of its safety driving promotion activities. The program began as an annual activity in 2012. In its initial phase it covered three main Indian cities – New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai – and since then has gradually expanded to several additional cities across India.”

“Dear Munivar, please convey my best wishes for their programme as well.”
“Narayan Narayan. I will for sure.” Said Naradmuni as he left for the earth. He had a daunting task to complete. 

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