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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Curious case of PK

He stepped on this planet. Everything was new for him. He had been sent on a special mission on the earth. He was an alien. His name was PK. PK was fascinated by the human race on the earth. All of them were so beautiful, so colourful.
After staying on the planet for few days, PK discovered that he was male. But still he was so different from rest of them. How he did not know. He wanted to make his mark on this planet. He wanted the humanity to remember him. He was undoubtedly well built and well endowned. Still something was missing.
PK would roam around the busy streets of Mumbai, staring at the young men sporting various fashions. He would try to imitate them by wearing similar clothes. He wanted to look like a hero. He stared at the posters of bollywood movies and compared himself with the leading heroes. He had the same height and built. He even learnt to smile like them. Only first four teeth should be visible, he told himself numerous times.
PK was now confident that he looked like a hero. He was waiting for the girls to woo him. He thought that the girls from the planet earth would drool over him. However, in spite of those bulging muscles and flat board abs of PK, nothing of that sort happened. He never knew why.
That frustrated him even more. By now he had even heard from people that he resembled Amir Khan. But then too why no girl was loving him? Why no one was interested in accompanying him for a movie or a cup of coffee?
Things were better on his planet thought PK. On his planet everyone was without clothes and everyone was beautiful. There was no competition to look better than others. Everyone was loving and respectful towards each other. If you loved somebody your emotions would automatically transform into the others mind by intution and the other person would reciprocate. But life on earth was so different.
Finally PK gathered courage and asked a girl out for dinner. She accompanied him for the dinner. They ate dinner at the costliest hotel in Mumbai. Needless to say it was PK who paid the bills. But after the dinner the girl told PK that he was like a brother to her. PK lost the money and girl too.
Unable to control his emotions PK bursted into tears. He went to the washroom. Salty tears were rolling down his cheeks. That is when something struck him like a thunder. PK understood that it was his whiskers and beard that was repelling women away from him. He realized that though he had the physique of a bollywood hero, his face was full of hair. All the bollywood heroes had a clean shaven face. PK had missed this chance. But wisdom had dawned upon him. There are many things which he had to learn on this planet. Being well groomed and clean shaven is necessary to make an impression, was the lesson he had learnt from his short stint on the earth.

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