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Thursday, 3 March 2016

In praise of Kali - book review

In praise of Kali by Aditi Devi is about approaching the primordial Adya Kali through the song of her hundred names. The book is divided into two sections. The first one is about the introduction to the hundred names. The second section consists of the Sanskrit text containing the hundred names of Adya Kali along with meaning of each verse. This section also contains commentary about each name of the great dark Goddess.

The book also contains instructions for building a shrine to the Kali, various types of offerings to make to her and a schedule for how to use this liturgy with a long term commitment over the course of 108 nights.

I found the book too difficult to comprehend. At places it is cryptic. May be to keep the esoteric knowledge a secret. As far as I know no tantric imparts the technique of his sadhana by mentioning it in any book or text. Perhaps that is the reason why In praise of Kali miserably fails to forge a contact with its readers. I was in no way enriched after reading the book. Also it did not give me the pleasure of reading a good book about Kali or the tantra. That’s sums up it all, doesn’t it?

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