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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tell Me Your Real Story - Book Review

Tell Me Your Real Story is a collection of poems by Savita Nair. I really liked the book because it offered something refreshingly new. The poems are contemporary. They deal with the issues faced by the urban youth. So we have poems about selfies, diplomacy, being a conformist. Also there are poems about dealing with a bad boss, beer, facebook, being in control of your life. The poetess succeeds in bringing the struggles of urban young and women to the fore. Her topics, her disappointment and her frustration is palpable.

These poems are about a young person with many idealistic dreams in her eyes, but who is caught in the rut. They are about breaking the stereotypes and becoming free. They are rebellious and path breaking.

The writing is simple and easy to relate. Every poem is a story in itself. The book leaves you enriched. It makes you to introspect about your life. Yes, the poems may lack the rhyming words and meter. But the content is indeed disruptive. That is the reason why I liked Tell Me Your Real Story.

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