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Thursday, 24 March 2016

SOAR - Book Review

When I picked up the book SOAR Success Over Adversity Reigns I thought it was some motivational or business management book. But it wasn’t. It is a novel about three friends. ( I can hear you people laugh.) Uday, Rajasekaran and Adhyayan work in the same company. They become friends and start an online portal called Schoolyard. Soon Adhyayan and Rajasekaran leave the venture which is going through rough times.

Uday is arrested in a paper leak case. It is alleged that the papers were leaked through Schoolyard. Adhyayan and Rajasekaran come to their friend’s rescue. In between is the happy love life of Rajasekaran and his junkie girlfriend Sneha and not so happy married life of Adhyayan and Shruti.

What I liked about SOAR is the novelty of the subject. It is nice to see novels set around new and contemporary subjects. There is not a single spelling or grammatical mistake in the book. These days even books of leading publishers are ridden with mistakes of spelling and grammar. So I really appreciate the author for clean editing.

What I did not like is the love and marital lives of Adhyayan and Rajasekaran consuming pages when Uday is in jail. It is hard to digest them romancing when they are tried hard to find the culprit. Also Adhyanan’s child kicking in the first three months of pregnancy is unbelievable. Same stands true with the scenes involving the police and the lawyer. The lawyer argues before the police as if he is a judge. Also cases are compounded before the court and not the police. If these mistakes are overlooked SOAR makes a decent read.

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