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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Raakshas India's No.1 Serial Killer - Book Review

I am not a very big fan of contemporary Indian crime fiction. Most of them are cheap clones of Dan Brown’s writing. Having said that I must admit that Piyush Jha’s Raakshas India’s No. 1 Serial Killer, totally floored me. This book is indeed a nail biting thriller.

The book runs in two tracks one that of the serial killer - his childhood, his upbringing and how he takes up killing. The second track is that of the female investigating officer who is investigating the serial killings. She too has a past. When she was in college she was responsible for two killings – one directly and the other indirectly.

The serial killer is on a killing spree because he wants to be acknowledged as the no. 1 serial killer in the country. A stupid journalist asks the investigating officer to rank the serial killer with regard to other serial killers in India. She tries her best to avoid the question. But the journalist would not let her go until she has ranked the killer. To get rid of the journalist she ranks the killer at six. This hurts his ego. He goes on killing people. Finally he reaches the investigating officer. He wants to kill her. Will he able to kill her? To know this you will have to read Raakshas India’s no. 1 Serial Killer.

The book is a page turner. The pace of the story is gripping. Once you start reading it, you will not keep the book down until you have finished it. At the end of the book, the writer tries to scientifically analyze why do people turn serial killers. According to him, they can not feel empathy. This is because certain parts of their brains are not functioning properly. The supplement at the end provides information about the serial killers in India.

As stated earlier, though crime fiction is not my favourite, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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