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Monday, 28 July 2014

Benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation is the magnet that attracts millions of souls world over towards meditation. What is more interesting that research has been conducted by renowned institutes with regard to meditation and its benefits.  It is scientifically proved that meditation has astonishing benefits on the mind, body and the soul. Let us discuss some of them

  • ·     Meditation keeps you young – For all those who spend a fortune on cosmetics to keep themselves young, there is good news. Have you ever wondered what makes the body old? The researchers have found an answer that body becomes old due to degeneration of telomeres. Telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes. Meditation protects these caps and delays the process of aging. I can see the smile on your wrinkle free faces.
  • ·     Meditation reduces blood pressure – Meditation significantly reduces the blood pressure. In some cases even medication was dropped. However, we precaution you not to give up any medication without the advice of your doctor.
  • ·     Lowers Cholesterol - On analysis it was revealed that the lipid profile of meditators showed lower values in triglycerides.
  • ·     Enhances brain performance – Research has revealed that the brain is capable of being trained and physically modified beyond human imagination.
  • ·     Reduces pain – Meditation reduces pain, even more effectively, than the pain relieving drugs.
  • ·     Meditation better than sleep – Meditation relaxes the body and leads to increased performance.
  • ·   Boosts immune system – The more you meditate, the better your health is.
  • ·     It brings you near to the Greater Consciousness – Meditation brings you closer to God.
  • ·    Peace of mind – Meditation gives you a serenity and peace of mind which cannot be described in words.
  • ·     Inculcates virtues -  When you meditate regularly, it has been noticed that you become patient, benevolent, loving, caring, non-violent, compassionate, helping, give up bad habits like smoking, drinking, stealing, lying.
  • ·  Destroys bad karma – Meditation destroys your bad karmas and eliminates its results.
Dear ones, though these are some of the benefits of meditation, regular prolong practice is necessary to notice these benefits. Meditation is not a magic wand nor is it a fairness cream which promises to make you look fair in four weeks, of course as a result of strong chemicals.  The purpose of telling you the benefits is to encourage you to meditate. Even if you read this article once in a day, I am sure you will meditate every day. God bless. Peace be to all.
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