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Monday, 21 July 2014

My wish list of five black things


The very word “Krishna” means black. This entire universe is creation of Krishna.  All these pleasures of life are nothing but toys created by the Lord for His children. But we children while playing with them forget our divine Father. Hence first and foremost Ghanashyam – one who is black like rain bearing clouds, Krishna tops my list. For me he represents spirituality.

Filmfare trophy
Ever since I was a child I have been watching this beautiful black lady. She is the Holy Grail for every superstar. I want to make a film. I want to weave a dream on the silver screen. It will have all the quintessential elements of a bollywood movie - love, music and dance.  It will be a message conveyed from the heart to another heart. I am sure I succeed in striking the chord with the audience and bring this lovely coveted black home. For me she represents success.

Black Bull

The bull represents a share market climbing up. I wish the bull remains here forever and does not lose it to the bear.  A bull market will ensure that the economy recovers soon, inflation is under control, rupee is strong, and prices of essential commodities go down.  For me the black bull is about money and sound finances.
I am dying to have a toddler who will have black kajal beauty spots on his forehead and cheek to protect him from evil eye. For me it represents a good family life.

Black night

Night which is pitch dark. I can see nothing around. That makes me look inside myself. I get acquainted with a different side of mine. The dark night makes me contemplative and creative. I write the best of my stories and poems in the quiet lap of the black night. It takes away all the stresses of the day and rejuvenates me.  For me it represents creativity.

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