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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fashion no passion

It is high time that the entire cast and crew of Fashion should try their hands on something new.  The subject dealt by Madhur is indeed eyeballs widening, but this time owing to bad script he lacks the sensitive handling of the subject like he did in Page 3.  The movie drags on. No character except that of Kangana Ranaut is well written. The research is superficial and the way Meghna’s career graph goes up is far from imagination. It would have been wise to portray her progress in some more reels and in a realistic way. There are unnecessary tracks like the gay designer marrying the model chic and both of them discussing adopting a child. Fashion needed much better editing job. Atleast half an hour of the film needs to be chopped of. Of the performances Kangana plays the depressed, drunkard and psychic character for the nth time. Time to try some thing new baby. Mugdha Godse does a decent job. Priyanka Chopra is an average lady in all terms except her luck. Her luck got her the beauty crown even after wrong answer. Her foray into movies is also a luck. In fashion she fails to look a struggling model or later a supermodel. She looks average in all terms start to end.  She may end up bagging few awards. But that again is attributable to her luck that this year there has been no movie with a female protagonist. To sum up fashion lacks the passion and is best to be avoided. The music of the movie does not even deserve a mention.

Review done by me on Nov 03, 2008 12:01 PM  is revisited.

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