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Monday, 28 July 2014

Bringing regularity in meditation

This is my favourite topic. How to bring regularity in the practice of meditation is one of the most asked questions. Devote a specific time for your practice and follow it strictly. This should be the ideal answer to the question. But do you think that seekers like you do not know this. If they know then what is the problem? The problem is that we have been taught to degrade ourselves. We have been taught to say publicly that we are unworthy of the good things in life, including enlightment. To add fuel to the fire we are taught to be dishonest under a sweet garb called diplomacy. So our thoughts and actions are not in sync. With this background let me give you some practical tips to bring regularity in meditation.
1.    Tell yourself that you are worthy of self realization. Every person including even those whom we call insane are capable of being enlightened. The whole universe resides within all of us. So before you sit for your practice tell yourself that you are worth of the highest spiritual experience.
2.   It is ok to miss practice for a day owing to some reason. Don’t feel guilty about it. But at the same time don’t find silly excuses for missing your practice.
3.   The mind gets bored. So try different meditation techniques.
4.   Meditation doesn’t require renouncing the material world, going to the Himalayas or attending some course which charges hefty fees. Remember a course for a week or month cannot guarantee you any instant results. Beware of cleverly marketed meditation packages. Keep in mind that for your enlightment you will have to work. You will have to ignite the passion to find out the ultimate truth. The saying that there is nothing like free lunch applies here as well.
5.   Start from where you are. The very fact that you want to know the ultimate truth goes to show that you are loved by the Divine. You are blessed by Him.  He is always there around you.
6.   Don’t run away from your duties. That is cowardice. Do your duties and steal time for meditation from your daily schedules.
7.   Love yourself. Don’t condemn yourself for the bad things that you did in the past. That was bound to happen. Love will bring in acceptance and your past will not disturb you while you are meditating.
8.   I know that you are still seekers, stumbling along the way, unsure of which path to take. But still teach someone how to meditate. You may ask your best friend or spouse to simply sit idly without doing anything for ten minutes. You may also forward the link of this blog to your friends. That will make you accountable and make meditation a part of your daily routine. Remember whatever you cause to happen in the lives of others increases in your lives many fold. With lots of love and best wishes. You can be enlightened too.

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