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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Black 5

Black is always special. We Maharashtrians have a special place for black in Sankrant festivities. Sankrant is synonymous with tilgud and black. Newly weds are dressed in black attire. Even small children celebrate Sankrant by wearing black dresses. Short mein bole toh, Indian culture regards black as holy, auspicious and the colour of the Lord Krishna.
So here is my list of five black things which I want.
1. Tablet
Black dominates the gazette world too. Mostly all the gazettes are of the colour black. Even I wish to possess a black tablet. Black makes the tablet look soft, smooth and glossy, short mein bole toh sleek.
2. Black suit
Would you like to have a man who is dressed in pink suit as your husband/boyfriend? Yes I know that the metrosexual man exists. But women like men dressed in black suits. Black makes man a gentleman. He is suave yet very very masculine. Short mein bole to date pe jana hein to black hi lucky colour hoga.
I am dying to have a LED TV. I am yet to see a television set which is not black. Such is the power of black that no one even thought of having a yellow television set. Short mein bole toh black is irreplaceable.
4. Car
For me black is elegant. Black is style and black is being royal. I wish to have a  luxurious black car.  Short mein bole toh hum kale hain to kya hua stylewale hain.
5. Bag
I love travelling. Even black stands out here. Black luggage doesn’t get dirty soon and also does not draw unwanted attention. No wonders that black luggage is always in demand. I want to have a black two wheel flight case with overnight bag of the same colour ie. Black. Short mein bole toh black is the colour of all seasons.
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