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Monday, 8 December 2014

The Laws of the Spirit World - Book Review

Khorshed Bhavnagri had two sons Vispi and Ratoo. She lost both of them in a car accident. She started communicating with their souls through the process of automatic writing.

Automatic writing is the process through which spirit beings communicate with human beings on Earth. The spirit being, whom you are communicating with, will move the pen while you hold it lightly on the page. Slowly, over time, words and then sentences will appear.

Khorshed's sons, Vispi and Ratoo told her that it was her mission to spread spiritual knowledge on Earth. They expressed their desire to dictate, by the same process of automatic writing and then telepathically, a book containing the laws of the spirit world, for which they had obtained special permission from a higher soul. They thought it would be of considerable benefit to humanity to know the true laws of God and the spirit world, which if followed, would help the humanity to advance spiritually. It was the desire of Vispi and Ratoo that the book be dictated, published and distributed widely. This is how the Laws of the Spirit World came into being.

The book is divided into two parts. The first one comprises of Spirit Communications from the Journals of Khorshed Bhavnagri. She would communicate with Vispi at least twice a day, sometimes even three to four times in a day. She received messages on various topics, the sequence conversational tone and language of which have preserved in the book exactly as they were received. This forms first part of the book

The second part comprises of question and answer section. Here questions regarding soul, subconscious mind, free will, karma, your mission on earth, suicide, God, prayer, positive thinking, pride and humility are answered by the souls of Khorshed's sons.

The writing, if I can call it, is simple and easy to understand. You may find it bit repetitive. But as stated in the book the sequence, conversational tone and the language of the messages has been retained. Perhaps that may be the reason for repetitions. Moreover, if repetition helps a person to imbibe good virtues it would be helpful. The book has numerous pictures of the Bhavnagri family. It also has pictures of messages received by Khorshed through automatic writing. There is also an interview with Khorshed at the end. 

Personally I liked the question and answers section more. If you have read books by Yogananda, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Brian Weiss, you will find nothing new in the first part. But in the second part there are a few interesting concepts which I learnt for the first time. One of them is the shifting of the axis of the earth.

The book explains the need of rebirth. It asks us to keep our prayers short and filled with true emotions. The book says long prayers bore us. How true. But how many of us have the courage to admit the same? It asks us to wipe off the middlemen whom we call priests. As regards hope this is what the book says, “Hope is not about having fixed expectations. It is about going through the process in zestful and enthusiastic manner. In a sense hope means that a person lives positively day by day, and also has faith in the future. To “keep hope alive” is to go through the process of any situation positively, in the best way you can, and know that God will do what is best for you.

The book is simple. But it can soothe you, encourage you, give a reason to live and bring a gleam of hope in drudgery. Isn't that a good reason to buy the book?