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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

1000 kilograms of Goa - book review

1000 kilograms of Goa is a story of five friends (Thank God not three, we are relieved). Ifti, Bhavesh, Pratik and his sister Priya come down to Goa for a holiday. The fifth one Ashwin is a Goan. They are not here just to enjoy serene beaches, drinks and get stoned. They are in search of a treasure which was buried in a village in Goa centuries ago. The treasure is 1000 kilograms of Gold. Ifti has a Russian girlfriend. Contrary to the advice given by other friends to keep the secret of the treasure only between themselves, Ifti shares it with Maya.

Now even Maya is in the game. She helps the guys to get closer to the treasure. The treasure is unveiled. Yegor Loban is a Russian Mafia operating in Goa. He is into prostitution, drug dealing and all other illegal businesses in Goa. He asserts his claim over the treasure. The friends are having a difficult time with Yegor. Hence they decide to hand over the entire treasure to him. But there is one man who wants them to bury the treasure at the very spot from where it was unearthed. He is Menezes. According to him there is a curse associated with the treasure. In whose hands the treasure will ultimately go? To know this you will have to read 1000 kilograms of Goa.

1000 kilograms of Goa marks the fantastic debut of Rohan Govekar. He weaves the lively Goan landscape with great ease. His writing is simple and easy to relate. He traps the social jovial nature of Goans very well. Even minor characters like Pedro are sketched very well. He brings before us the real Goa and real people not just beaches and blondes getting a tan. So there is Ashwin and his conservative middle class parents who want him to settle down at the earliest. The story has many twists which I am sure will surprise and entertain the readers. Though the suspense around Ifti’s wife appeared to be predictable.

Though at one place believe is typed as be live and spaces between the words are missing at couple of places, I liked the book. It brings us a fresh story in a fresh setting with real people. You will 1000 % enjoy this trip to Goa.

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