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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Steve Jobs life by design - book review

Steve Jobs a life by design is an interesting read for sure. It captures the magical, poignant and very human moments in Steve Jobs’s life very well. This book is based on the address given by Steve Jobs on 11th June 2005 at Stanford University’s 114th commencement.

The book tells us how he was born to parents both of whom were academicians. They had put him up for adoption. Their only condition was that the adoptive parents must ensure that their son goes to college and completes his education. The first set of parents refused to adopt him, for they wanted a daughter. The second set of parents not only adopted him but also kept their promise of sending Steve Jobs to college, in spite of their not so good financial condition. Steve Jobs never completed his college is a different story. The book very nicely pictures the human side of Steve Jobs. His contempt towards his biological father. His love and friendship with his biological sister, all make the book interesting. The book also speaks about his relationship with his wife and children, including his first daughter which was born out of his relationship with another woman before marriage and whom he did not acknowledge for some time.

The book also narrates the story of Steve Jobs’s foray into computers, including apple. His professional ups and downs at apple. How he was not appointed a CEO only because he was considered to be too young and how the experienced CEO who was appointed in his place simply blew away the company for he knew little about the computers. Steve Jobs was too attached to his job at apple. Yet, when he stepped out of it, he started a loss making venture called pixar. But after almost a decade his patience paid with the success of toystory. The book articulates how he returned to apple again. The book states about Jobs’ visit to India and the strong influence which Japanese philosophy and work culture had upon him.

The book turns poignant when Steve Jobs suffers from cancer and becomes immobile. Jobs did not have a very long life Yet, his life was a truly well lived life. This book will help you in knowing Steve Jobs better. His life is truly inspiring. This book is highly recommended.

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