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Friday, 3 June 2016

Kundalini - an untold story Book Review

Kundalini an untold story is another gem from Om Swami and Jaico Books. The book is about the enigmatic Kundalini. Om Swami is very practical in his approach towards Kundalini. He says that awakening of Kundalini begins with complete acceptance of who you are so that you may be at ease with yourself. He says when knots are formed with a muscle spasm, you just let it be; you massage it tenderly and it goes away. Similarly, when you gently massage your soul, it starts to relax, you begin to be at perfect ease with yourself, with how, what, who and where you are on the journey of life – this is the beginning of Kundalini awakening.

The language of the author is contemporary and easy to relate. While speaking about abstinence he says it is something like going offline for a period of time so you can concentrate better on what you have to do.

Much has been said and written about Kundalini. But all those were fascinating tales, which made you wonder if they were true. Like all other Om Swami’s books, his honesty is palpable even in this book. When speaking of his experiences about Kundalini awakening he says I was tired because I had tried everything I could think of and yet I wasn’t any better than when I first started. He also admits that contrary to the popular beliefs he did not feel any vibrations or sensations in his body.

This book lifts the veil of Kundalini and introduces the lay reader to the Kundalini. However the distance between the lower three chakras is much lesser than what the authors mentions. It also offers practical guide to meditate. You feel calm and serene after reading the book. This book is highly recommended.

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