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Friday, 24 June 2016

Rukhsat the Departure - book review

Rukhsat the departure by Sujit Banerjee indeed departs from all the known story telling styles. Rukhsat is about twenty-six names beginning with each of the alphabets and the story of each of those characters. We read one story and move to another. The same character meets us in some other story with a different name and at a different point of time. He doesn’t necessarily make his relationship with his alter ego clear. Just a few streaks here and there and you will have to connect the dots by yourself.

The writing is disturbing. There is throbbing pain in the story of every character. The writer deserves accolades for eliciting pain in a story (if there is any) which progresses in a non-linear fashion.

Rukhsat the departure is an experiment. It doesn’t always succeed. The ends remain raw and a lot is left for the imagination. Yet there are certain places where it does score inspite of the unconventional style of story telling. This book should be lapped by all those readers who wish something new should happen on the literary scene. The unconnected but overlapping characters do succeed in giving you a high at some places and this is the reason why you cannot miss Rukhsat the departure.

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