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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Kings and Queens - Book Review

The first thought which I had after reading Kings and Queens by Subhadra Sen Gupta was that if history books were so interesting, I would have done better in history while I was in school. Kings and Queens is about two Kings Chandragupta Maurya and Krishnadeva Raya and two Queens Razia Sultan and Nurjahan.

The book sets forth the lives of each of these historic personalities in an objective manner. This is not just a story book for children. All the historic references are quoted at the apt places. The book not only tells us about the lives of these great men and women, but it also sheds light on the social scenario which prevailed during their lifetimes. It tells us about how men and women dressed at those times. It tells us about architecture of those times. It tells us about currencies and farmans and also visits by foreigners.

The language of the book is simple yet riveting. It succeeds in keeping you engrossed in the lives of these historic personalities. Needless to say it educates you as well. The little nuggets which come at the end of each chapter are interesting too. The colourful illustrations by Tapas Guha deserve a special mention too. Each chapter gives a list of reference books for further reading. I am sure after reading this book, every reader will want to know more about the lives of these men and women. So this list of references will be of great help.

To conclude Kings and Queens is a book which will be liked by both the young and the old. I eagerly look forward to other books in this Exploring India series.

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