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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bringing Back the Touch

Ravi and Ruma were college friends. It had been ten years since they got married. Unfortunately today they were neither friends nor lovers. Something was lost in all these years. What was lost, where it was lost and when it was lost? They had no answers to any of these questions. They never ever realised it that the spark of their relationship was losing gradually. Such is life dear.

Ravi was a banker. His multi-national bank job ensured that he had all the money to buy a house, an exotic foreign trip and the most expensive school for his children. But little did he realize that he was turning away from his family life.

Ruma too had a Masters degree in Management. But she had decided that her family would be her first priority. So instead of taking up any high paying job which demanded long working hours, she was working for an NGO which worked for the upliftment of the children from the slums. The work was very satisfying. But once she returned from her work, she would be all alone in her home. The children would be busy with their studies or play and she would be left to herself. This was definitely not the kind of life she had imagined.

What was it? Was it because Ravi found her no longer attractive? Was Ravi having an extramarital affair? Ruma was having all the bad thoughts that she could. Her head became heavy and she slipped into deep sleep.

Ravi came to her bedroom and kissed on her forehead. “How are you my darling?” He asked. Gently he grabbed her hand and placed in it a gift. It was long back that Ravi had gifted her anything. It was a pearl necklace. He helped her to wear it. “You are looking beautiful.” He said.

Ruma considered herself to be fortunate for having such a beautiful dream. She wished that the dream should never end and kept her eyes closed. She prayed God that  her eyes should never open from the deep sleep and this dream should never end.

Ruma. I am sorry I was unable to give you the time you deserved.” Ruma could feel her back being stroked. “You are so soft” Said Ravi. “You are so unromantic Ruma. You are not even opening your eyes even after wearing such a lovely necklace.”

That is when Ruma realized that she was not dreaming. She hugged Ravi tightly and thanked him for bringing back the touch in their relationship. 

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