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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Feed a poor child

Hunger is the most primordial instinct. It is the birth right of every citizen of our country to have at least two square meals in a day. It is indeed unfortunate there are many unfortunate souls who have to got to bed with empty stomach. My heart goes out to all of them.

If children do not get the necessary nutrition their entire youth will be adversely affected. They will fall prey to the evil called malnutrition which in turn gives birth to many other fatal diseases. It has been more than 60 years of independence. Regimes have changed, but still hunger remains the same.

We spend a few hundred rupees notes to buy a pizza, sip a coffee or watch a movie in the multiplex. If we sacrifice the money reserved for one weekend of every month to feed our poor countrymen we would go a long way in quenching their hunger.

Children of poor families have to work so that all the family members can be fed. Children are to be seen in schools and not at workplaces. School will shape up their lives and protect their children from being drawn into the vicious circle of poverty.

They say anna is purnabrahma i.e. food is entire universe, God included. I pray to the Almighty that He may see to it that no creation of His sleeps hungry. That there are smiles on the faces of children as they are relieved of their hunger and fed without being forced to do hard labour. They God resides in children. So isn't feeding these tiny tots on various festivals and days of religious importance ensure that every morsel reaches to the God. So will all of us resolve today that on their birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other days of special importance, they will feed the poor and see to it that at least one child goes to school. If all of us decide to take care of only one poor child, then too we will protect their innocence from being crushed by harsh realities of life.

Thank you blog adda and akshaya patra for giving me this opportunity of joining your noble initiative. 
I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

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