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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My dream home

Home is the place where you want to spend your time to relax. If the home is done tastefully then I am sure that one would rejuvenate for another day to work. Beautiful tiles, soothing interiors and flashy cabinets will definitely lift your spirits which are dampened by neck deep work responsibilities.

So let me tell you about my dream home. Let me begin with the floor tiles. For floor I will go with TOWN COSMOS NATURE 60x60 cm and TOWN MOSAIC ICON COSMOS-EXTREME WHITE POLISHED 30x30 cm . A combination of both these tiles will create an elegant look with an attractive design. Both these tiles come from Porcelanosa. Not only these tiles but every flooring offered by Porcelanosa is inspired by natural materials. This is done while always retainig the intrinsic properties and features of ceramic. Porcelanosa group is a leading manufacturer of ceramic floor tiles. It is well known for its advanced production techniques. Its quality is unmatched. It offers variety like no other brand would. It leads the market with new trends.

The collections offered by Porcelanosa are versatile. They are easy to install than continuous flooring. They include series that reproduce the texture of cement. They are also extremely ecological due to the extensive use of recycled material. Granite, limestone, quartzite and basalt, with a special emphasis on ceramic slates that closely reproduce the tonal richness and variety of the metamorphic rock. So it is evident that the wide range of ceramic stones reflects the great diversity found in the natural environment. If you wish to have a refined use of select marbles that will imbue any setting with elegant distinction then too Porcelanosa will come to your help with its wide collection.

Now I move to the wardrobe of my dream home. I chose Wardrobe NATURA ROBLE MARENGO again from Porcelanosa. Why? Because in today's age where house are confined to limited carpet area, every inch is valuable. What makes the task challenging is that the available space is distributed in countless different ways. Pocelanosa takes full advantage of the available space to obtain optimum results. It has customised designs of wardrobes and dressing room. As a result they can be fully integrated into every available space and in any setting. If offers a variety of styles with different finishes. So you have natural or stained wood, matt or polished lacquers and laminates. The cherry on the cake is that these finishes can be used in combination. Moreover Porcelanosa produces its wardrobes with numerous drawers, that too of different types. So that we can store our accessories. Porcelanosa was born in spain. However, thanks to Kolte Patil Developers Ltd. for they have brought this brand in Asia for the first time for their luxury brand #24KLiving

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