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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Missed by a whisker

 I had met this beautiful girl online. She had flawless skin and beautiful black hair. Her kohl eyes added a mystery to her persona. We became friends and chatted for hours online.

She had become an integral part of my life. Days and night I thought of her. I hankered to meet her. Even she was eager to meet me. Our work schedules delayed our meeting.

From her tweets I came to know that she liked manly guys. I decided to bring my manliness to the fore.  I began to sport my stubble. I wanted to be the stud. I was so fascinated by her. I did not want to lose her on any ground.

Finally our busy schedules allowed us to steal some time for the meeting. A sense of excitement was coursing through my nerves. The beauty whom I had seen only online was going to be with me in flesh and blood. Would her skin appear as radiant as it did in those photographs? Would her jawline be as perfect as in those office party pics? How attractive would she find me? A number of questions made a beeline in my head.

I looked into the mirror. I wanted to look my best. I moved my hand across the week long stubble which I had grown to appear manly and sexy. “Killer.” I said to myself.

I went to the hotel where we were supposed to meet. She came with an elegance and ensconced on the chair. She was absolutely charming. Yes, she indeed had that radiant skin and perfect jaw line.

We chatted over a cup of coffee. We spoke about our growing up years, family, likes and dislikes. I thought she had liked me too.

I returned happily from my date. I was in a gay mood. Humming the line huwa chokra jawaan re I again looked into the mirror and rubbed my stubble.

I thought I looked like this
Later in the evening I was shocked to see her tweet. She had written “ Why do men grow their beards? They look so suave when they are clean shaved.”

She thought I looked like this
I was taken aback by her response. I tried calling her and asking to meet again. But she avoided it for one reason or the other. I had lost her. I had learnt the lesson of my life. Women like clean shaven men. They find them good-looking, caring, suave and sexy.  

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