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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Let Go and Let God

Writing is indeed cathartic. There is chaos in the mind. Many people, places and moments are etched in the mind for ever and ever. Writing about them for sure take away the huge burden from the mind. I feel relieved. I feel relaxed. It has been my experience that some incidents kept on pricking me for years together. They have had long lasting impact on my life. Many of them may appear too insignificant, involving strangers and I may have been perhaps just a meek spectator. But still they stayed with me and disturbed me. Once I write about them I feel better.

Reading transports me into a different world altogether. Indeed a person who reads lives many lives and one who doesn't lives only one. When I am disappointed and dejected I read the lives of great men and women. I can absolutely relate to their struggles. They inspire me and I learn from them. Also books relating spirituality dominate my bookshelf. Spiritual books inject a new dose of enthusiasm into my tired body and soul.

Singing Aloud
Singing aloud especially the classical compositions which I have learned soothes my nerves. The ragas are nothing but various moods. No wonders when you sing a song of one raga you get into that mood. Bhoop, Bhimpalas and Khamaj are my favourites. Even if just sing a few lines I feel better. Indeed music makes a direct connection with the Almighty.

Long Walks
Longs walks whether into the wilderness or through the crowded places also help me to de-stress. It is ironical that brisk walking allows me to slow down. But that is a truth. Walking alone long distances gives me an opportunity to look at my own thoughts and reflect. By the time I have done my one hour walk my mind is much calmer. Of course some credit must be given to the physical exercise involved in walking as well for secreting the good hormones.

Meditation is indeed the greatest gift of the god exclusive to the human race. I have been meditating since I was a child. I guess I have carried forward this habit from my past life. After all we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. Meditation calms my mind. Unlike the impressions of the western world meditation is not about renunciation and withdrawing from the world. My experience has been that just a few days of regularity in meditation and I regained my zest for life. So even if you have no plans of denouncing the world and hedonistic objective of enjoying all the material stuff, meditating will be help you do it better. I am indeed grateful to the Infinite Intelligence for sharing this esoteric secret with me and helping me. To sum up it is let go and let God. 

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