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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

taste and health

Well it is eight in the morning. I am very hungry. I want to have my breakfast. But I am not going to settle for anything less. Today I am going to go to Guptaji's place for my nashta. Yes, the same Kellog's waale Guptaji.

Never before were cornflakes so Indianized. Never before cornflakes had adorned such new attire. Never before they tasted so delicious. Guptaji gave a new life to Kellog's and its anaj ka nashta. The whole grains and serials are known for their goodness. But experience shows that all that is healthy tastes yucky. As a result it is very difficult to stick to a healthy nashta. But with Kellog's waale Guptaji's latest innovations regarding recipes involving cornflakes this myth is broken that too quite successfully.

Guptaji and his mouth watering recipies of Kellog's anaaj ka nashta has had a pull and that is the reason why I am going to visit Guptaji's place today for breakfast. At his home good health gets married to good taste. So who will not be eager to become a party to such a good alliance. So I am going to visit him and claim my share of the treat.

Banana with cornflakes. Custard apple with cornflakes. Cornflakes with apple. Cornflakes with chocolates. I wonder from where Guptaji gets ideas for such new, yummy recipes. Just by reading the recipes my mouth has been watering. It has not stopped watering till date. Having no option I had to visit my doctor as the water was persisting. I asked the doctor what was wrong with me. The doctor examined me. I asked the doctor to prescribe a medicine for my ailment. The doctor said that no medicine would heal me.

I was disheartened. Sensing my disappoint a smile broke on my doctor's face. He patted me on my back and said that the medicine for my ailment was visiting Guptaji's house for breakfast. That would not only heal me but also ensure that I will never fall ill, said the doctor. I again reassured from the doctor that he was speaking about the same Guptaji – Guptaji Kellogs waale.

I was astonished that even the doctor knew about Guptaji and his recipies. The doctor said that he was in the field of ensuring good health for not only his patients but also for his friends and family. No wonders that he too had found Guptaji's healthy recipes which involved the goodness of fruits and cornflakes combined with the tasty chocolates, coconut and even popcorns. Moreover Guptaji Kellog's waale has a recipe for every occasion. So for watching movie you have a special recipe. He also has special recipe for Gudi padwa. Now when Guptaji is having so much in store for nashta which will satiate the taste buds as well as provide the body with all the essential nutrients, who does not want to go to Guptaji Kellog's waale's place for nashta. 

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