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Monday, 23 March 2015

Suspense series part 2

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Oblivious to Shilpa her captivator was driving at a slow pace. It was strange that he was in no hurry. The accomplice in the crime had got down at the naka. They had not forgotten to administer Shilpa sedatives before they got off the car. The sedatives had soporific effect on Shilpa. That was going to make her captivator's job easy.

Relentless he drove. The only parts of his body which showed signs of life were his hands on the steering and his legs on the accelerator. Otherwise he was lifeless, devoid of any emotions. It is your thoughts and emotions that make you alive and not mere breathing which goes on mechanically.

The landscape had changed now. The roadside dhabas were no longer to be spotted. The area was barren, devoid of any trees or human presence. The latter was a good sign. But the former was not. It did not afford him the privacy to do the act which he was intending to do. He wanted the grooves where he could camouflage along with his car and its besotted passenger on the backseat.

Ghat with hair-pin bends. Drive slowly.” Said the sign board. The topography of this area was such that the ravines and valleys in the ghat had dense vegetation. It offered the driver the solitude which was required to accomplish the task which he was assinged. But the hair-pin bends ensured that there were traffic jams. So the driver always had a vehicle escorting him and also following him.
By now our cool as cucumber driver had started to feel anxious. He thumped his fist on the steering. The horn blared. He knew that will not make the passenger on the rear seat wake up. She had just the right dose of the injection. She would not wake up till the next morning.

Then came the spot where the road widened for some time. He had reached the plateau. On the last stretch of the plateau there was board which said that it was a scenic spot. At that time of the hour darkness was soon going to cover the sky. Those with their families and even those with the keen eye for the beauty of nature had left long ago. This place was too unsafe even for those with the nocturnal desires.

This was the perfect spot for the captivator. He finally let out a sigh of relief. He quickly located the flattened portion in the barrier along the curve. The moment he spotted the gap he shifted his leg from the accelerator to the brakes. Applying the brakes gently he let the vehicle skid into the slope at the extreme end of the plateau. 

To be continued

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