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Saturday, 21 March 2015

What is happiness?

Happiness is the goal towards which all of us strive hard. All of us want to be happy in our lives, don't we? But if I ask what does happiness mean to you the answers will not be uniform. I respect every individual's right to define happiness on his own. I move on to enumerate what happiness means to me.

A cup of tea. Yes happiness for me is a cup of tea. It is raining outside and I am sitting in my window watching the beautiful downpour. There is chill in the air. What I want the most in such a serene atmosphere is a cup of tea. That cup will bring all the happiness for me. The taste of tea that lingers on lips in the wet season is all what happiness is about.

Books also open the world of happiness for me. Right from the ordering of the book, its receipt, casual skimming its pages and reaching the last page, gives me immense happiness. Only a book lover will be able to relate to me when I say that books give me happiness. Some times I wonder how come merely few words printed on a paper can bring so much of joy into my live. I own hundreds of books, but my hunger for books remains unsatisfied. Books = happiness for me.

Doing something new, something which I have never tried also gives me immense pleasure. Yes there is anxiety. There is initial skepticism. I want to give up before I complete. But something or the other compels me to finish the task in my hand. Once the task is accomplished all the hard work and pains is forgotten and my heart fills with innumerable joy. The sense of achievement boosts the confidence and makes me happy.

Friends are indeed the primordial sources of joy. Meeting a friend is all about happiness. Even if we do not go out for a movie or for a lunch, even if just chitchat standing in the middle of the road I am happy. Indeed friends are the soul mates who are with us for many many lives. Uttering the very word friends makes every pore of my body ooze happiness. Thank you all my dear friends for being part of my life and filling it with all the joy.

I am the son of the mountains I feel all the time. The very sight of the mountain peaks makes me happy. I am too eager to climb to the top of the mountain. I feel that I have a past life connection with mountain. So if I club all those things which make me happy I would say – happiness for me is being on the mountains with my friends and reading a book while watching the heavenly downpour from my rest house window.    

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