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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Towards real manliness

Many years ago I had a servant who would wash my clothes. He was a man. Once my friend Ashish had come to stay with me. When he saw that a man was coming to wash my clothes daily, he could not control his laughter. When I asked him why was he laughing, he told me that he was laughing because a man was doing a woman's job.

This incident speaks volumes about the prejudices which all of us carry. Thanks to the wash bucket challenge that I got an opportunity of doing the laundry. Washing clothes is looked upon as a very menial task. Unfortunately we tend to look upon women as second-class citizens. No wonders washing is considered to be a woman's task. That is the reason why you have never seen your macho heroes washing clothes even in the movies.

But having taken up the task let me tell you that it is indeed challenging. First you will have to take out all the clothes which you intend to wash. Then you check their pockets. You find money, notes and many other things in the pockets. I seldom realized that how irritating it is to take out those knick-knacks from the laundry basket.

But thanks to Ariel Matic which came to my rescue. It shared my burden literally. Just a spoonful of the detergent was sufficient to remove the tough stains. In my case the stains were at the cuff and collar, tea stain on my pants and chocolate stains on my shirt which were caused as a result of my beloved niece hugging me tightly with half eaten chocolate in her hands. Ariel removed the stains effortlessly.

I always prefer to wear clean clothes daily. A single stain and I discard the apparel. Little did I know as to how it was was washing those dirty clothes. Thanks for challenging me with the wash bucket challenge I realized that real manliness lies in taking the wash bucket load off your female family member's shoulder. I salute to all those women who washed my clothes all these years. I love you all, respect you all and most importantly I commit to share the washing load with you. 

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