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Wednesday, 19 November 2014


The very word college has something enchanting about it. College is all about youth and youth is all about dreams, isn't it? But if you don't make it to the right institution your dreams would be scattered into pieces.

Thanks to, now we can get all the information one needs to get before taking a call on which college should one go for. The very purpose of creation of is to empower the students with knowledge which will help them make wiser career choices and more importantly choices of the institutes they decide to enroll in. It is a blessing for every one - the students, parents and the educational industry as well. It is an extensive search engine for all of them who are desirous of knowing more about the courses and institutions offering them not only in India but also abroad. has the repository of more than 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses! The courses are categorized in different streams like Engineering, Medical, Management, Arts etc. This list is only elaborative and not exhaustive. More its interactive tools help you to classify the institutions based on location, fees, ranking, ratings, cut offs for different competitive exams and even fees, which is one of the most important factors which guides a student's decision to make the choices.

While students are excited about choosing their colleges, parents are definitely concerned if not worried about their wards. They want their wards to get into the best of the institutes so that their future is secured. is helpful to them as well. A highly skilled team of data miners are working hard at to provide the users with the most interactive data to make their decisions in an informed manner. As stated earlier, offers multichannel filters which can be used to sort the data on the basis of ranking, cutoff and fees. is of great help to the educational institutes as well. It focuses on delivering quality. So the educational institutes will look out for the cream which will bring laurels to their institutes. The algorithm for data sifting in allows data segregation up to multiple levels. Thus, providing an edge to the clients look for highly specific and active database. also displays the latest news relating to the admissions. So it has sort of its own virtual notice board. Thus if you want to know about how to apply for CAT you can get all the information by clicking on the link relating to it in the news section.

Suppose you want to know more about CAT then you can type CAT in the search box. So in the overview section you will get to know the basic details like the website of CAT. Important dates like the date of examinations, the date of the advertisements and most importantly the dates of registration.

You can also know what are the fees for various categories of students. You can download its brochure by clicking the download brochure link. You can also watch videos relating to CAT. Plus you will get to see all the colleges which accept this exam. You get all this information on a single page, isn't that great?

By clicking upon the about button you will know all about the said examination. You will be informed right from the basics like CAT stands for Common Admission Test conducted by Indian Institutes of Management. It will tell you about all the IIM's in the country and courses they offer. You will be told the eligibility criteria and the reservation policy. You will be informed about the registration process.

One of the most tiring part of applying for any exams is knowing which documents are required to be annexed along with the application form. comes to your rescue here as well. Not only will it inform you about the documents required to be submitted, it will also tell you about the pattern of examination, its syllabus and also the number of candidates who have appeared in previous years of the said examination. 

It will give you information in a condensced form regarding dates of registration, dowloading of admit card, exams and the results. will also help you with locating the test centre of your choice. It will also tell you about the pattern of the examination. Similarly you can even find website of IIT Ahmedabad simply by searching it on

Thanks to, now you get all the information you need about your would be college on a single click that too for free. Collegedunia will definitely go a long way in shaping the choices of the students thereby increasing the overall quality of education. So admission is no longer a tedious, time consuming task which will leave you physically, emotionally and financially drained. is indeed a boon to the student fraternity and their parents. 


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