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Monday, 26 January 2015

Games girls play - book review

Games girls play has an outrageous start. It is the story of two girls. The good one – Siya thinks that sex is the least important factor in a relationship. The bad girl – Natasha is lover of sex. She doesn't make any discrimination when it comes to making it out on bed. Rather she is ready to do it with anyone at any place. Our good girl is a blogger. She gets an offer to author a book based on sex life in Mumbai. Needless to say that our good girl is a virgin at thirty. As a part of her project the object of her study turns out to be our sex goddess Natasha. The book opens up promising to deliver an exciting, saucy, bitchy, sexy tale which will leave its readers in literary orgasms.

But it proceeds on the same banal track. The bad girl improves and the good girl has some fun. It follows the Mills & Boons track. So there is romance, a little misunderstanding and happy ending. The only difference being that we have here two love stories and two sex lives as well. Yes there is lot of sex in the book in varied positions. Sex is the very foundation on which the relationship between the two leading ladies is forged. Full marks to the book for bringing woman's sexuality to the fore. It celebrates female sexuality.

The writing is simple. One can easily relate to the situations in the lives of our leading ladies. The author has done a nice job by narrating the story in three voices. One is of Siya, another obviously of Natasha and the last one in third person. I wish the characters of friends, especially Siya's were better used. There are many typographical errors in the book. So on page 180 her is typed as het. On page 200 think is typed as thik. At another place after is typed as afer. The book required a better proof reading job. The cover of the book too looks tacky.

In today's times when freedom of expression is at peril, author's are killed during their lifetimes and film shows are stopped, I am happy that those elements do not read English books. For otherwise a book with such heavy sexual connotations, both of opposite and same sex, would have never made it to the stands. 

Mills & Boons in the Indian setting has been a huge disappointment. If you like books of those genre Games Girls Play will not disappoint you. 

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