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Saturday, 31 January 2015

if given another chance

Visit a literature fair
I am a lover of literature. Whenever I hear that a literature festival is coming up the first thought that crops up in my mind is that I should visit it. Then I am reminded of my work commitments, dearth of leave and I postpone the idea. I want to visit a literature festival. I wish to visit each and every stall, take each and every book on display in my hands, skim through its pages, feel its fragrance and buy those books which interest me. I want to see and hear those writers whom I have known for a long time through their writings but whom I have never met. I wish to get my favourite books signed by its authors. Further this fair would also give an opportunity to connect with like minded people

Cycle in the Himalayas
If you check the history of internet browsing you will find that I have been visiting the websites of companies which arrange cycling expeditions in Himalayas. I have had made plans to join one of them. But I kept on postponing them out of fear. Yes I am afraid that I may not able to ride the geared bicycle. I am afraid that I may not be able to cover the requisite distance on a given day. I keep on feeling that I lack the endurance to cycle that long. But still it remains a dream. May be one day I will equip myself fully with all the gears and practice and head towards the Himalayas on my cycle.

Switch off my mobile phone for a day
Yes mobile phone is of great help. It has become the fourth need the other being food, clothing and shelter. There are moments when I am having an extremely emotional talk with my friend. There are moments when I am sitting on a hill watching the ball of fire set. I am mesmerized by the beauty of the nature and its riot of colours. Sometimes I am enjoying a play which I wanted to watch for a very long time. At this wrong time the mobile phone rings and brings me back to the mundane world where all the work raises its din. This is when I feel that I should intentionally forget my mobile at my home when I go for trip, to meet a friend or to watch a play. However then my mind says you may get an important call and I again postpone my plans of switching off my mobile plan for a day.

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