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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Will you?

I wish to love you even when you are not in good mood. I wish to cook for you when you are too tired to tread to the kitchen. I wish to make you smile with my antics when you are in no mood to laugh.

I want to take you out not for a drive. But on a walk holding your hand tightly. Would you walk with me? We will purchase ice-cream from the stall at the far end of the corner. I wish to share my cone with you.

Life is beautiful. But with you on my side it will become more beautiful. It will give even life a reason to smile. Whether it is your tan or your even skin tone, I love you not for your skin tone but for your warm heart. In fact I love for no reason. It is wonderful feeling to love some one for no reason, isn't it? That is because the person who loves you will be always there with you. If he loved your skin, there are chances that he may leave you when it has wrinkles. If he loved your eyes he may leave when the eyes can no longer see.

But if some one loves you without any reason he will be always there for you. I promise I will be always there for you. No matter what is the season out or in our lives, I will be always there with you to make the moment magical and romantic. So will you give this magician an opportunity to show his tricks ?

The most romantic thing on earth is growing old together. I want to grow old with you. I want to gain wisdom with you. I want to see our children grow with you. I want to live every moment with you. How would you look after thirty years I don't know. I don't know either how would I look. But I know for sure that I will still love you. Isn't it a wonderful feeling. They say marriage is the insurance for life after fifty. But I strongly disagree. Love is only when your heart does all the thinking and brain goes brainless, isn't it? Since the day I met you my heart is skipping the beats and my head has stopped functioning. When I went to the doctor, he examined me and wrote the prescription. He wrote get married to the girl whom you love. That is the only medicine for your aching heart. I knew this medicine even before the doctor told me. Poor guy, wasted his years and his father's money to learn something he would have learnt had he loved someone. Thank God my heart knew it's way. So dear pharmacist of my heart, will you heal it by reciprocating my love for you?

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