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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Joy of writing

Who am I? A woman? A daughter? A wife? A mother? I am a woman. I play all these roles. But I am a woman with my own identity. I am neither a movie star nor a rich business woman. I am a humble maid servant. But I am proud of it. I don't beg. I don't steal. I work hard and eat the fruit of my labour. If I feel like eating paani puri I don't have to live on the mercy of my husband. He is loving no doubt. But the fact that I can pay for my own expenses gives me immense happiness.

I am a maid servant. Washing dishes and clothes is part of my duty, just like working on computers is yours. But I have a life apart from that. I am passionate about writing. You will not believe it, will you? A maid servant and a writer would be your obvious reaction.

But if you ask me writing is therapeutic. It is cathartic. I don't know English. I write in Marathi. We should be proud of our roots, that's what you say, right? So we should be proud of our language and foster its growth. I do it in my own little way. Like every one I have my own share of struggles of life. I weave stories around it. That gives it the weight of authenticity. After penning down my experiences, I feel relieved.

I am very happy to share with you that one of my stories has been published in a Marathi newspaper. They even sent me a cheque of Rs.500/- as remuneration. I felt happy. But I have promised to myself that I will not write for money or fame. I will write only for the joy of writing. I am woman and a successful one.  

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