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Saturday, 31 January 2015

If given a second chance

Purchase a house
I want to purchase a house. I grew up in a rented house. So owing a house that too a big one remains my dream. The fancy advertisements in the newspapers catch my attention. For a moment they transport me into the house of my dreams. Then come the finances and I come back to my senses. Some houses that fit in my budget are far away from the city. Some which are within the city limits will burden me with EMI for the next thirty years. I am not ready to live outside the city or under the burden of a home loan. So I keep on postponing my plans to buy a house. 

Learn to sing
I have always wanted to sing it aloud. As a child I had sung a song at a family gathering. One of my aunt had passed a nasty remark that my voice was squeaky and I should not ever sing in my life. I had taken that remark too seriously. No wonders I never attempted to hum in public thereafter. But now when I record my own voice in the voice recorder and play it I realize that I am not that bad as a singer. All that I require is some training. I decide to enroll in a music class. Being a busy professional I can buy everythin except time. I blame it on lack of time and postpone the thought of learning music.

Remain silent
I have been planning for a long time to observe complete silence for an entire day. I will not talk and observe my vow of silence seriously. But then if I will not speak how will I manage at my work or at my home? This thought comes up and my plans of taking up a vow of silence get washed away. But still that the desire to remain silent keeps on coming back. Silence is golden. You know yourself better when you have shut yourself from the incessant din that raises its voice from all sides. May be some day I will be able to observe a day in silence, in contemplation and in company of only I, me and myself.

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