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Friday, 30 January 2015

Who is fairest of them all?

Mirror mirror on the wall tell who is fairest of them all I asked the mirror as usual. For the past many days the mirror had been telling that I was the fairest of them all. Even today I expected the mirror to take my name and indeed it took my name. I was too happy. However the mirror had something more to say. “But these days your pimples are taking all your beauty away. Indeed your pimples have become sore in the eye.” Said the mirror.

I was disheartened. It all started with a small boil called pimple. I must say it had started giving me sleepless nights since the day it appeared. I tried everything this cream and that cream. I applied turmeric and other ayurvedic medicine and prayed that blemish will disappear at the earliest. But unfortunately all my prayers remained unanswered.

The small pimple bloated and was filled with yellow pus. It had increased in its size. The worst was yet to come. There were tiny dots filling up my face. These were baby pimples who would grow to be as fat as the mother pimple. My face was full of red spots. I did not even dare to ask the mirror who was the fairest amongst them all.

I felt I was looking dirty. I must confess that I spent considerable time in gazing my appearance in the mirror. I was also proud that I had the most beautiful skin. But as luck or badluck had it my beautiful radiant skin had caught someone's evil eye. My face was so smothered with pimples that I dreaded to look at my reflection in mirror.

That was when my cousin introduced me to Pure Active Neem Face Wash. Having tried almost all products I must admit that I was apprehensive about using it. But my cousin persuaded me to use saying that it had the goodness of neem and tea oil which was known to our forefathers for ages. She said me that the wisdom of our forefathers will never fail us. Hence I decided to give it a try.

Wonder of wonders I began to feel the change from the first wash itself. The irritation had reduced considerably. In days to come the pimples reduced in size. New pimples forgot the address to my skin. Pure Active Neem Face Wash fights with germs, pollution and also removes excess of oil which is the major factor to attract dirt and germs. Soon I was back to my beautiful self.

My skin was beautiful, soft, radiant and spotless. Pure Active Neem Wash had even taken away all those blemishes and marks left by pimples. I would not be wrong if I say that Pure Active Neem Wash gave my skin a new lease of life. Thank your Garnier. 

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