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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Woman of steel

Savitri was just another girl. When she became of marriageable age, her parents searched a suitable groom for her and married her off. She became a wife and soon mother of two. She was dutifully doing her household chores. But there was some emptiness within.

She wanted to do much more in life. The first decision she took was to continue her education. When she was married off she had studied only up to seventh. She sought help of her friend and started preparing for the SSC examinations. She failed. But reappeared and cleared the examinations.

She had realized that she had a passion for music. She decided to learn Indian classical music, vocal. The problem was of fees for the music class. She started tutoring primary school students and raised money to fund her own education in music.

That was one thing she was most passionate about. She decided to continue her conventional education in music itself. She passed HSC examinations and enrolled for BA in music. Yes, it was tasking. She would cook for the family, looking after her children, take care of her aging in-laws, take tutions and continued her education.

The day she graduated was one of the most happiest day of her lives. She enrolled for post-graduate course. She was now singing professionally for classical concerts as well. It was not that she was drawing a fat pay cheque. But her self-esteem had exalted for sure. She continued her doctoral studies. She became Dr. Savitri. For the first time, her husband was proud of her. Her children too would tell every one that their mother was a doctor in music.

She became a respected member in the music fraternity. Yes, she was a wife, a mother, an obedient daughter and daughter-in-law. But she was a woman of steel too.  

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