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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Miles to run before I sleep - Book Review

In Miles to Run before I Sleep Sumedha Mahajan documents her 1500 kilometres run from Delhi to Mumbai which she undertook in April 2012. This was no ordinary feat for any person whether man or a woman. Moreover Sumedha was born with asthma. She was required to be hospitalized countless times when the ailment attacked her.

She was never an athlete. She took up running at the age of twenty eight just for the sake of it. She had no plans to win gold or silver at any tournament. The best happens to you when you least expect them. This is how the opportunity came to her way to be a part of the greenathon run. The team comprised of ordinary people except one – supermodel Milind Soman. Sumedha was the sole woman in this team.

Sumedha has mentioned  in the book not only her physical run but also her emotional run. Such a long run is not as glamorous as it appears to the outside world. So we have even Milind Soman tending to his bruised body. Sumedha too has had her share of misfortunes during the run. The crew members of the channel which was covering her run were leaving no opportunity unturned to dissuade Sumedha from giving up the run. The doctor accompanying them was not equipped with even the basic stuff. The pollution was causing her bouts of asthama. She was emotionally drained too. But still this brave woman completed the run. Even after completion of the run there were no words of appreciation for her. Rather she was criticized for her speed or rather lack of it. But she had gained her inner steel out of the run and went out to start her own business against all the opposition. Needless to say she succeed in her business.

The writing is simple. What makes Miles to Run before I Sleep special is its sincerity. Every word is dipped in honesty which easily makes its way to the reader's heart. You enjoy the run with Sumedha. You can feel her ups and downs. When she emerges as a winner even you feel victorious. All her emotions including the genuineness in her tone are easily palpable.

The book encourages you. After completing the book I sat idle with the closed book in my hands. The book was throbbing with energy. This book exhibits that to reach your reader's heart you do not need flowery words or jargons. All that you require is honesty and sincerity. It also tells us that all is not rosy when it comes to such great events which are etched on the reel of time forever. But winners neither complain nor do they quit. The book is highly recommended for every one. It has the potential to change your life for good.