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Sunday, 1 May 2016

A thousand unspoken words - book review

Paulami Duttagupta’s A thousand unspoken words has a terrific start. The long prologue (33 pages other chapters in the book are of an average 4 page length) builds a perfect storyline. An idealist writer, whose identity is not known to the world. A young woman who is madly in love with the writer and his writings. The writer is facing difficulties with the establishment. He runs into the young woman’s house. Of course she does not know that he is the author she admires so much. He leaves in the morning, dropping hint that he is the one whom she loves.

I was damn excited after reading this prologue. I knew I was going to read something different, something riveting. The prologue was simply brilliant. It had set the stage for the story.

But in the first chapter all the ideals of the writer were gone. He had become a popular film writer. The mystery surrounding his identity too was gone. The book then followed the mills and boons track. Though towards the end, particularly after the writer’s mother’s death, his dilemma, his disappointments consume most of the chapters. But even in those, when the writer is contemplating ending his life there are love making scenes.

Paulami’s writing is good. All the books of readomania are brilliantly edited. This book is no exception. But somehow the prologue left me wanting for more, which unfortunately the book was unable to deliver.

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