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Friday, 6 May 2016

The law of attraction - book review

Mitesh Khatri and Indu Khatri’s the Law of attraction is about the power inherent in you - the power to attract what you want. I believe in the power of our subconscious mind. Dr. Murphy’s the power of subconscious mind is my favourite book. Mitesh Khatri and Indu Khatri’s the Law of attraction duly acknowledges my favourite book and the most popular book on this topic – the secret. At places it even borrows quotes from the latter.

The law of attraction reiterates that we are the creators of our own destiny. Whatever the human mind can perceive, it can achieve. The book tells us that the like attracts the like. The book teaches us how to visualize. The book lays emphasis on FTBA – feelings, thoughts, beliefs and action.

The book guides us how to attract a perfect partner, health and of course money. The book teaches us how to heal our relationships. It narrates how we should behave with our children. The book also demonstrates as to why law of attraction does not work at times. I found the chapter on Vastu Shashtra out of place.

The book draws heavily on the books mentioned above as well as the experiences of the writers and those of their clients. I liked the technique of four statements which are to be used while thinking of the person with whom you are having difficult times. These four statements are I love you, Thank you, Please forgive me, I am sorry.

The book offers hardly anything new. But yet, you feel better after reading it. Moreover it may be of great help to those who hardly know anything about law of attraction. Hence this book is highly recommended.

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