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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Early to begin

We want our children to be the best, don’t we? When we speak of the best we think only of the best in studies, the best in extra-curricular activities and of course the best in making lot of money, through legitimate means of course. There are some who think that they want to make their child a good citizen. 

Now a person can not be a good citizen unless he shares the household responsibilities. There are many men and some women who think that it is the birth right of the men in the house to watch TV lying on the sofa, while women slog in the kitchen. Have you ever wondered how this mentality was created? The answer lies in their childhood. What they saw in their homes, they perceived it to be correct.

You want to make your child the best. He wont be ideal until he realizes that laundry is not just a woman’s task. How will he realize it? (When I say he, it applies to female gender as well.)

First of all both the parents must realize that household is not just a woman’s job. They should change their mentality. No matter what they had seen in their childhood, now that they are grown the parents must change themselves and share the load equally. This is for their betterment and of course the betterment of their children. Now the parents will be mentally prepared to bring up an ideal citizen.

The fathers should help in the household duties. Children learn from what they see. If they see right from their childhood that their fathers have been helping their mothers in the household chores, they too will help their mothers/ wives in their household work. The parents should lead by example that laundry is not just a woman’s job.
The media plays a very important role in upbringing of children. This generation imbibes many things from TV and internet. Unfortunately like the society even the media has not been responsible when it comes to breaking the cliché. Even in movies and the TV serials, when it comes to washing it is always the woman. Why don’t movies show men washing their clothes? Why is it that there is always the Kamwali Bai and not Kamwala Baba? I feel that if the media too acts a little sensibly and responsibly we will raise a generation which doesn’t divide work according to the gender. How about all our male superstars taking the responsibility and washing their own clothes instead of praising the washing skills of their wives in TV commercials?
I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.

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