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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

What you seek is seeking you - book review

What you seek is seeking you is set amidst a parable written by Shailaja Sharma. At the end of every chapter Brian Tracy and Azim Jamal offer valuable lessons for leading a good personal and professional life. The topics covered include attracting positive coincidences, creating heightened awareness, being content in the present moment, striving for harmony, finding meaning in tragedy, how to convert corporate politics into creative synergy and even honing the art of selling.

I really liked the story of Richard and Zoya. Richard is a successful self-made CEO. Zoya is a free spirited painter. They meet by chance and their meeting, their interactions changes their lives forever. They learn to face their problems, their insecurities instead of running away from them. It is because of this interesting story with easy to relate character that the book becomes interesting. Lines like ‘ The woods would be quiet if no bird sang but the one that sang best’ and ‘Well, gifts are never given because you need to. You give because you feel like sharing,’ convey a very deep meaning in a simple manner.

I even liked the following para in the book. ‘What you seek is seeking you. Whatever is deep within you is being attracted to you. It may not come in e way you want it or when you want it. But when you trust this concept, you trust in yourself and you trust in life. Of course, you also have to do your part I have clear goals, focus and work hard.’

However I feel that the line on page no.95 ‘Since then, I decided that I will not stop feeling miserable. I have already lost so much of time,’ contains some typographical or editorial error. In the given context ‘Since then, I decided that I will stop feeling miserable,’ is more apt.

Yet, I loved What you seek is seeking you. It is refreshing and earnest. So the book is highly recommended.

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