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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Past life exploration - book review

Dr Linda Backman is a psychologist with decades of experience. In her book Past Life Exploration she tries to explore how our past lives affect your present life.

In her book she tells us how even before we are born, we enter into a soul agreement with our parents. This agreement is for our spiritual development and that of our parents. The book is full of case studies which show how we carry many past life traumas with us.

The book offers a unique concept of soul scale and soul colour. Though I have read a lot of literature on past life regressions, this soul colour concept was new to me.

The book again emphasizes that we have our loving spirit guides, who love us and who guide us during our lifetime and even thereafter. Each chapter ends with questions and prompts. Answering them the readers would gain profound insights. I liked the book though I liked Brian Weiss’s books more.

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