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Monday, 23 May 2016

God's message to the world - book review

God is the most misunderstood entity in the world. That’s why Neale Donald Walsch’s God’s Message to the World comes with a tag line you’ve got me all wrong.

This rebellious book explodes all the myths associated with God. It dares to question all the dogmas associated with religion, mostly those associated with Christianity and Islam. This powerful book explores the following seventeen statements about God. God is to be feared. God may not even exist. God exists and is a superhuman male being. God demands obedience. God sees us as imperfect, and we may not return to God in an imperfect state. God requires us to believe in God, and to worship God in a specific way. God is vengeful and God’s love can turn to wrath. God was at war with the Devil, and that’s how this all began. God determines what is right and wrong. God’s forgiveness is required for us to get into heaven. God has a plan for us. God is on our side. God honours self-sacrifice, long suffering (preferably in silence), and martyrdom. God sometimes answers our prayers and sometimes does not. God will reward us or punish us on judgment day. God wants us to return to heaven. God is different from us.

Each of us has held at least one of the aforesaid beliefs about God. Hence it is easy to relate to this book. This explosive book says that all the aforesaid beliefs about God are not true. The book claims to convey the original message of God. Indeed religion, especially the religious leaders cling to their own interpretations of the sacred texts. They are unwilling to change their opinions of about the God. But this book tries to reveal the true nature of God. You will not regret this meeting with God for sure.

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