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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Her motherhood

It all begun when my wife missed her date. She wondered if she was pregnant. Her reaction was of mixed feelings. She was happy that a life was beginning inside her. But anxiety was coursing through her. There was a strange nervousness. We visited the doctor the same day and by the evening it was confirmed that she was pregnant.

Advice was pouring from all corners. Do not sleep in the afternoons or else the baby will be lazy. Do not eat mangoes and jackfruits. Do not lift heavy weights. Walk slowly. Eat more. Remember you have to eat for two now. Do this and don’t do that.

My wife knew all these wonderful people around her cared for her and  the baby. That was the reason why they were offering these unsolicited advices. But to be honest they were making her anxious, nervous and unhappy. But how could she tell them that?

She shared all her concerns with her doctor. The doctor was an elderly lady with a cherubic smile. She said. ‘Be happy with the fact that there are so many people around you who care for you. Who love you. Everybody is not as lucky as you.’

She took a pause only to continue. ‘Pregnancy is a normal thing. Yes, it is important to eat properly and even exercise. But don’t get trapped into the mentality of being anxious all the time. Don’t think all the time will it harm my child? Take common sense precautions. Of course do not participate in marathons. But don’t give up normal life as well.’

My wife came home relaxed. She had found her way. She resumed her daily life. She went to work. She drove to her office. She laughed a lot. She went on outings, of course, after consulting the doctor.

Slowly the baby bump became visible. Talking to it became her hobby. Pregnancy was changing her body. She had put on weight and she was able to see stretch marks near her waist. Am I becoming ugly? A thought crept into her mind.

But then she took a few deep breathes and relaxed. She knew carrying a baby was no child’s play. It was all about patience and surrender. She decided to enjoy her pregnancy to the fullest. She knew that she was a confident happy lady. She knew she would transform to her old hour glass figure once she was through my child birth. So why should she give up the joy of the present moment. This thought gave her immense strength and she thoroughly enjoyed her pregnancy. 
“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”

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