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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Don't Diet! - Book Review

Obesity is on rise among all classes and ages. As a result its side effects - heart diseases, diabetes are on rise too. Everybody knows its cause – sedentary lifestyle and eating junk. Yet majority of the population is caught in the vicious circle of their lifestyle and its resultant diseases. Then you start getting suggestions to go on a diet. But wait don’t diet. Yes, don’t diet – 50 habits of thin people by Kavita Devgan will help you.

The book is divided into four parts. Part one has fifty chapters – each chapter for a habit which help you stay thin and fit. All chapters are independent and standalone. So you can pick any chapter and read. I liked the habit of having soups. Soups are considered appetizers. But according to the author if you have them before your meals, you will eat less. She suggests having them after returning from your work as well, instead of those sinful namkeens which you have. She also suggests not to feel guilty if you eat calorie rich food at a party. But don’t go to the party with an empty stomach. Eat at home and then go to the party or the restaurant. That will ensure you eat less.

Part two of the book has a three month long health calendar with easy to follow steps, veggie preparations. Part three of the book has tools, like medical tests, body measurements which help to gain a lean and strong body. The last part is a food and exercise diary where you can keep the note of incoming and outgoing calories. The basic principle is you put weight when you do not work out equal to your food intake.

I liked the book for its simplicity. It doesn’t offer some magic tricks. Nor does it promise miraculous weight loss. It offers you simple tips which are easy to follow. If followed they will make you not only thin but also fit and healthy. Buy this book. Even if you inculcate a habit or two mentioned in the book, it is worth it.

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