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Friday, 29 May 2015

100 happy days Day 1

I am a lover of nature. All of us are part of the nature, aren't we? Trees, birds, animals, mountains everything makes me happy. Yes I have a little aversion to sea, rivers and water bodies. But if ever I visit them, I am thankful to them for I get to spot a variety of birds near them. To experience the joy of nature you are not required to go to any forest or the Himalayas. Mother nature is always around you.

There are adulsa, neem, baniyan, peepal and gulmohur trees around my house. Though it is very hot here these trees make the mornings magical for me. In the early morning when the air is cool and there are no sounds except for the chirping of the birds they give me a feel that I am at a hill station. They along with their inhabitants, birds and squirrels, make me happy. 

I liked this picture because of the tinge of blue between the leaves. It makes the mundane tree look magical.

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