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Sunday, 10 May 2015

I learn to ride bicycle

It is said that a mother is the first teacher of the child. Indeed as a child whenever we have any problem we first rush to our mother. For us she is an expert. She has a solution for everything. She is an expert when it comes to comforting.  When she caresses your hair, you forget all your problems and feel all is going to be well.

There was a time when all the boys who were elder to me rode bicycles. Even I wanted to ride one. But I did not know how to ride. Those were the days when bicycles did not came with the extra side wheels for new learners. I expressed my desire to learn bicycle and my mother supported the idea completely. My grandmother said I was too young to learn it. But my mother was determined to teach me how to ride one.

The very same day we went to a shop that rented bicycle. I still vividly remember he charged twenty-five paisa for one hour. We rented a bicycle and headed to the nearest ground. My mother asked me to sit on the seat and pedal. I was apprehensive. But still I tried.

I lost balance and fell on the ground. I had bruises on my elbows and knees. I began to cry. “Don't cry my child. No one learns bicycle without falling.” My mother told me.

Again we continued. But still I was losing balance. All the while my mother was running behind me tightly holding the seat. When we returned home, my mother applied turmeric on my wounds. I slept embracing her tightly. Her presence was so comforting, so soothing.

The next day I said did not wish to learn bicycle. But my mother said that once determined to learn bicycle, I could not change my mind. Again we rented the bicycle and went to the ground. I pedalled. This time I was able to pedal for a few minutes until I lost my balance. But compared to my earlier performance there was definitely an improvement. There was a sense of achievement on my face. Happiness on my mother's face was palpable.

In the coming days I began to pedal for longer time. My mother, dressed in a saree, literally ran behind me holding the carrier. No wonders very soon I learnt how to ride a bicycle.

Thereafter I continued to take my mother's expert counsel on all the matters. Whether it was studies, financial, emotional issues, relationship problems, she was always there for me. Her advice always is carry on, never ever give up. You will reach your goal. You will emerge as a winner. Thank you mom for all the love which you have showered upon me. If it hadn't been for your love and guidance I would not have been the person which I am today. Indeed your blessings are always there with me to protect me and your teachings to guide me. Thank you mom. Thank you for everything. You are the world's best mom.

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