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Sunday, 10 May 2015

India has got talent

Indians have always been crazy about cricket and bollywood. Now IPL is a cross breed of cricket and bollywood. No wonders everyone is going crazy about it. Now there is one more reason to be happy. It is offering everyone the ticket to fame. Ads made my men and women from all walks of life are put up for voting. The one with the most votes will be telecasted during the IPL. Let me tell you about the ads for which I voted.

The ad shararat is indeed lovable. It picks up the everyday drama from our drawing rooms into a well shot ad. Shararat is all about kissa qursi ka. That reminds me of my uncle who had a single bed in his drawing room. He would sleep and watch the TV. Whenever he would get up say for drinking water or visiting the loo his wife would occupy the bed. My uncle had to wait for the right time to reclaim his prized possession.

The advertisement thus appeals to all. Every person will be able to relate to the same. It has been shot well. The actors fit their parts very well. Their chemistry works very well
for the fight of the couch. The reason the ad works is because of its simplicity and relatability.

Advertisement is all about conveying lot of things in a few seconds. If that is the parameter of a good ad, then the ad served is undoubtedly one of the best advertisements ever made. The camera runs across the table which has various delicacies spread out. There is sweet. There is piping hot food. There is paratha with butter accompanying it. There are samosas and idli sambhar too. So the table is filled like a stadium filled with spectators to witness a cricket match. The voice over that accompanies compliments the dishes which come into the frame very well. Every word of the voice over has a connection with the dish which shows on the screen. This is an ad which is both written well and shot well. Both writing and shooting have gelled very well to bring out the best. The excitement in the voice of the artist who did the voice over is palpable. The reason why the ad works is its novelity and creativity. No wonders I have voted for this ad as well. Given the quality of the advertisements it is hard to believe that they have been made by common men and women. Indeed India has got talent.

“I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?” 

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