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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Do not use Mobikwik

I usually recharge my mobile directly through the service provider's site. But on that fateful day (11/05/2015) thanks to the search results of google and the advertisements in it, I stumbled upon the Mobikwik website.

I tried to recharge my mobile but my recharge was unsuccessful. Mobikwik deducted money from account and stored it in its wallet. I tried recharging both my mobiles but utterly failed. My money stood with Mobikwik. I lodged a complaint with them. I received a reply stating that they were in an upgradation process and I should try recharging again. 

Since then till date I have been trying to recharge both my mobiles. But Mobikwik says that both my numbers are invalid. Both my numbers are working. Now an upgradation process cannot go for more than 18 days. 

Plus I am unable to log in to the Mobikwik website though I can log in to their online app. Whenever I try to log in to their website I am being told that my password is incorrect. When I click on the forgot password button, my email id is asked for and a link is sent to me to reset my password. But when I click on the said link it says the link is no longer valid. I even reported the same to Mobikwik. I received a reply saying that I should click on the forgot password link. Now I had already done that. But the link sent to me for resetting the password was not working. In other words my issue of website was not resolved by Mobikwik. Yet Mobikwik claimed to have resolved my issue

So the overall experience of Mobikwik has been very bad. I will not recommend it to anyone. Mobikwik either recharge my mobile or give my money back. I don't want to keep it in your custody. What is the use if I have the money in Mobikwik vallet but I am unable to use it as and when I want? Also train your employees to understand the customer queries and answer the specific issue raised by him.

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