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Sunday, 31 May 2015

100 happy days - day 2

Who doesn't like to receive gifts? No matter how much money you have in your vallets receiving a gift is always special. Not because of the article gifted but because of the love and affection shown. Now there is no dearth of gifts which are given with oblique motives and in return. I am not speaking about those gifts here.

Moreover gifting some thing to some one is more pleasurable than receiving gifts. It makes your heart full of love and gratitude towards the person to whom you are handing over the gift. It gives you immense happiness. That happiness also passes on with the gift to the recipient. He is happy to know that his presence matters to the other person.

There are many people, some even strangers who have helped me at various points of time. That too inspite of the numerous problems in their own personal lives. They are and will always remain special for me. Today I gifted these lunch boxes to my dear ones. Unfortunately the shopkeeper did not have the gift packing facility and I was left with very little time to pack it. But still I gained immense happiness by gifting them. 

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