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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Cheated by SBI

I am a salaried employee with a transferable job. I have a savings account with State Bank of India Chalisgaon Branch. I have few fixed deposit receipts linked to the said account. 
I was due to be transferred in the month of June 2015. I am yet to receive payments under various heads from my office. Hence my office told me not to get my savings account transferred as my dues will be deposited in the same account with the same IFSC number as the same was fed in the system.

I had foreseen this contigency. In November 2014 I had asked the manager of Chalisgaon branch Mr. Katulwar if my fixed deposit receipts could be linked to another account. I had also told him I would be transferred in the month of June 2015. He asked me not to worry and he would link my fixed deposits to a new account at the time of my transfer. I trusted him blindly. I guess that was my biggest mistake.

Again in April 2015 I reminded him of my fixed deposit receipt. He referred the same to one Junior Officer by name Mr. Sandesh Kad. He told me that it was not possible to link the receipts to another account. When I asked him as to what was the remedy available, he told me to opt for internet banking.

Accordingly I applied for internet banking and ATM in early April 2015. As I did not receive the ATM or internet banking id I enquired with the bank manager Mr. Katulwar a day before. He told me it usually takes a month. I told him that it has been more than one and half months.

I am leaving Chalisgaon on 1st June 2015. Today when I again asked Mr. Katulwar about the same and persisted him if he could track my ATM and net banking, he asked another woman employee.

To my great shock I was being told that my request for ATM and net banking was not generated at all. I was told that Mr. Sandesh Kad was absent for more than one and half months. He had withheld all the papers with him. No one knew where he had kept the papers. Mr. Katulwar also told me that he was unable to contact with Mr. Kad. He told me that my requests for ATM and net banking were lying with Mr. Kad.

Finally I came to conclusion that I will close my Fixed Deposits prematurely. Mr. Katulwar asked me not to do so as that would result in penal charges. He assured me that no matter where I was he would help me as and when my deposits will mature. But I no longer trust him. He has lost my trust. When I asked what if you get transferred to some other branch, he told no matter where he would be he would do the needful.

Now the question who is responsible for this? Mr. Katulwar who without any knowledge of the procedure assured me that the receipts would be linked to another account or Mr. Kad who disappeared both mysteriously (the manager is unable to contact him for more than one and half months) and irresponsibly. Who will make good the loses which I will incur as a result of premature closure?

State Bank of India I will never bank with you again. You have liars and irresponsible employees.

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